Sunday, February 15, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Since we've last posted we've finished our volunteer stay at Mirror and are now in Pai (a hippy town in the mountains near Chiang Mai) where we will begin a week-long farm-stay tomorrow. Here's what we've been up to in between...

The White Temple:

Our favorite temple so far.

The scooter we rented and drove to the White Temple (sorry mom...)

Whiskey = bad.

Check out the depictions of gender on these sculptures.

The fence surrounding the temple.

Volunteer work:

Building a road at a school in Mae Sai.

Thailand grows lots of rice.

Bricks made by children for new building at the school.

Our last day teaching English at Mirror.

Weekend in Chiang Mai:

Our first Thai iced tea in Thailand.


Mango and sticky rice is amazing.

Anna's serious face.

We have friends!

Anna drinks Drano.

Leopard at Chiang Mai Zoo.

Anna and giraffe having a moment.


This spider (at Mirror) was the size of Shaq's hand.


  1. BA! i have to much to say i'm really bad at deciding what to leave on these posts. let's skype again this week so i don't have to write an essay.


    ps i won my court case at youth and gov this weekend :) !

  2. SHAQ"S HEAD!?! you killed it right?

  3. I hope it was a female - cos if that was a male spider.....

  4. OK Gav. What happens if it's a male spider? Is it tastier than all the other lovely buggy morsels in the market or what? Nice to see you in the blog big brother!

  5. Hi gavin! I didn't know you were on blogger! I'll be seeing you in June...