Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vive La France!

We've now been in France at Anna's family's house in the beautiful countryside near Limoges for two weeks so this blog is a bit overdue. The house was an old stone shell when Anna's family found it 9 years ago and now has all the amenities while keeping its original old-farm-house feel. We've basically been leading the life of retired people: cleaning, cooking, eating, reading, going into town, and working on things around the house.

Last weekend Jamie's brother Caleb came to visit us here, and then the three of us headed to Paris for a few days of museums and awesome restaurants.

It is nice to finally have a base in one country that feels like home. Check out the pictures.

The French Countryside

Anna's house.

An old pig-house that has yet to be converted into a cottage.

Hike to Mont-Ciex

Cherry tree.

Limousin cows.

Our 1st dinner.

Bread baking in the stone oven house.

Caleb and Jamie make pizza.

Lumberjack Jamie.

Nightly fire.

The view from our bedroom window.

A few days in Paris
Around the corner from Jamie's place.

Anna at the Centre Pompidou.

L'art moderne.