Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mae Salong

Our first adventure outside of smoggy Chiang Rai was to Mae Salong, a tiny hilltribe town about an hour and a half north west by public bus and crammed sawngtheaw, which is basically the back of a covered truck with loose metal benches (our max so far has been twenty in one sawngtheaw). We met six young volunteers on the way, ate dinner with them and rode their rented motorbikes. We stayed in our own little bungalow for only 300 baht ($9.oo) and enjoyed the beautiful town for a night. Check out these pictures...


Anna eats a grasshopper.

Bottles kissing at a "Lebanese" restaurant in Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai bus station

An empty sawngtheaw

Our bungalow at Shin Sane Guesthouse

Thai 40

View of Mae Salong

Mr. Sane saying goodbye



  1. Hey, you guys, it's about TIME you added to this blog. (Jewish mom was getting anxious.) We did get the phone messages Jamie, although the second one reminded us of that comic routine (was it Eddie Izzard?) where one word out of 10 came through clearly. Still, we got the gist. Sorry we didn't get to the phone either time.

    Good to hear about part two of the adventure. We're guessing that part three has already happened as well and that we'll hear about that soon. Are we right that after Mae Salong you went somewhere else for a week with other volunteers? We're eager to hear what happened there and whether they've actually put you to WORK!

    Thanks for doing this blog. You don't know how eagerly we await the stories. Keep em coming!

    Mom and Dad

  2. Great to see you both and to here about your adventure. Skype is pretty amazing don't you think. I think the volunteer experience would be something I'd like to do in the future. Thanks for blazing the trail!

  3. Jamie and Anna!

    I think you'll be glad to know that I've been living an adventurous life here in New York... if only vicariously through the two of you. After I've read my two hundredth page and written my kagillionth email every night, I check your blog—it's become a sort of ritual for me.

    Much love from the place where we don't eat grasshoppers,


    PS Jamie you have to give Josh that weird hat when you get back. It'll fit him perfectly.